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Rescue Systems I: Fundamentals of Heavy Rescue

Emergency Responders:  You have been waiting ten years for this!
Rescue Systems I: Fundamentals of Heavy Rescue is back on the GPSTC training calendar. This scenario-based, hands-on training provides essential skills for responding to a collapse, rescuing persons trapped, and moving heavy objects. Students learn inventive new ways to deploy ladders and other common equipment found on rigs.

This course is designed to meet the need for technical rescue response of local responders that do not operate a technical rescue team or as a member of a regional GSAR team. The training presented within this course will help local responders operate during a catastrophic event with basic and minimal technical rescue equipment. This course will also prepare local responders to integrate into State and National technical rescue teams that might respond into their area.

First class starts February 24! then there are 3 more: March April and June.  sign up soon!!


Students in this class need to be prepared for long days outside in various weather conditions. Students will need to bring a technical rescue helmet (a fire helmet will work), rope rescue gloves (structural firefighting gloves must be clean), appropriate clothing to work outside, rehab materials, and note taking materials.  For the last full day of this 48 hour class, there is a night drill on Friday that goes untill 12 AM.  Students will stay over in the dorms and complete the class the next morning. 

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