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  • Cover Story: The Beginning of 2014's Historic Fire Season
    Firefighters in California and throughout the western states have been battling serious wildfires in conditions not experienced before as extraordinary drought conditions are creating a scenario of historic proportions. This year, serious fires have consistently caused concern since the early start of the fire season. Beginning in mid-May, firefighters across Southern California were sent into action when a series of wildfires burned from Santa Barbara County south to San Diego County. During the dry and warm early afternoon of May 13, 2014, firefighters in Santa Barbara County responded to a fire burning in heavy fuels in Miguelito Canyon, south of the City of Lompoc. A tree branch that had fallen across power line ignited the Miguelito Fire, which quickly spread into rugged terrain and immediately threatened structures in its path. With conditions severe, even early in the season, fire resource response has been universally heavy for every report of a wildland fire in an effort...
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  • Technical Rescue: A Foundation For Success